• Aluminium rolling scaffolding - Aluberg®

    • Scaffolding aluminium mobile - Aluberg® 770Scaffold group 3 in Compliance with EN 1004 norm, the maximum load 200kg/m2
    • Aluminum scaffolding for universal usage and to work at heights up to 12.0 m
    • System of Snap-On crimping connectors
  • Aluminium rolling Stair towers

    Pojízdná Al věžLight alloy aluminium heavy duty tower with comfortable built-in-stairs

  • Telescopic Laddres Teletech

    Teleskopické žebříky, Intrapol s.r.o.Telescopic ladders manufactured in anodised aluminium 6061 that, thanks to a special treatment, do not soil user’s hands.

  • Double sided compact telescopic ladder

    Xtend Plus max height m 2,30, Intrapol s.r.o.Telescopic multipurpose aluminium ladder manufactured in anodised aluminium 6061, Xtend Plus thanks to a special treatment, doesn't dirty user's hands.